Orzo W/ Smoked Turkey

Diane Gardner is back in the Connecticut Style kitchen.
our next guest is a cookbook author , mom, m, entrepreneur….and as she says on her blog..that’s just before noon”.n”diane gardner is the author of what’s cooking in new england she’s here to share one of the reciptes today…ptwelcome back diane—what are you -w teaching us to make today?—what are the ingredients we’ll be using? —where is this recipe from ? does it have a es story behind it?–let’s get st arted… if you the recipe for orzo with fosmoked turkey and bacon buttermilk lk dressing….just come to our website and click on the connecticut style page. diane…thanks so much for being here. coming up next…dr. langdon discusses donatural breast augmentation …. …when connecticut style returns… if you ever thought ve



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