Oriental Fruit Fly Found In Safety Harbor

It’s been two weeks since an Oriental fruit fly was found in Safety harbor. It put over 100 fruit and vegetable varieties at risk.
It’s been two weeks since an oriental fruit fly was sound in safety harbor.nnIt put over 100 fruit and vegetable varieties at risk.nnWe have details on how officials are dealing with this serious problem.nnReporter: the grapefruit tree in this backyard has put safety harbor at the epicenter of a florida department of agriculture search for the oriental fruit fly.nnThe level of alarm is high. We will be under high scrutiny for the whole pinellas area.nnReporter: dr. David dean is an entomologist with the state. When the fruit fly was found it was brought here.nnThe fly stops here. That means basically that any suspect fly, they come here, the fly stops here. This is the last point they’re looked at.nnReporter: early detection is what alerted officials to the potential problem.nnThese species would be able to establish and become permanent in florida to the point we couldn’t get rid of the



Found Country:US