Organizing Dinner

Use Smart ingredients to make many more meals with fewer trips to the store. Smart, economical shopping based on the cookbook “70 Meals, One Trip to the Store.”
friday. it is so cool we are having that contest. i love it. >> first, though, on the show when it comes to meal planning, in my opinion, the worst part is going to the grocery store to get the stuff. >> constantly. because you are always missing something. >> and key to the meals, she wrote 70 meals, one trip to the store. we have advice on shopping for smart ingredients. welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> nice to have you. >> and what we said 70 meals in one — with one trip to the grocery store. the obvious question is does it mean you have 10 grocery carts filled with fool. >> that’s a question i get. i have done this before and my friends have challenged me. it is not that you are buying that much groceries, you are buying smarter and streamlining ingredients. >> you are only buying ingredients that multitask. >> great idea. >> and every recipe in the book pulls from the same ing



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