Organize Your Life For Healthier Eating

Organize your life for healthier eating
your life on the show. it is fit this week on the show. — fitness week on the show. >> lots of great gadget spurted — lots of great gadgets. there’s such a plethora of processed foods. i just narrow down. in general, in your kitchen, have one or two go-to cookbooks. if you are in a pickle and you have not planned, there is always something in here. have one or two ago-to recipes. if you’ve had a crazy day, you already have these things in stock. >> if you have the go-to, when you do not have time to plan or go to the store, you know where to go. >> absolutely. i like to keep these recipes for under half an hour to cook. if you get home late, you can still make a good dinner. did not buy the foods that are your biggest weakness spread on less chips — i love chips and salsa. do not buy it. thanks to have in your kitchen, we talk about plastic bags. have a variety of sizes. it stick to t



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