Organize The Food In Your Kitchen

Organize the food in your kitchen
how to make guests feel at home heading to your kitchen. >> with holidays coming, that means more food in the house, and before things get more out of control, it is time to organize your pantry. you are going to show us easy tips to get our pantry organized. we have trail mix, mixed in with some pasta. it is impossible to find anything. but we have limited space. you say you can still be organized. >> yes, even though it is a small space, we can still organize it. first the thing we have to do is to clear everything out and start at the beginning. >> okay. now that we have emptied the pantry out, we have all of this stuff out here, what do we do with it all? >> first what we should do is sort items that are the same or similar together. >> crackers with crackers. >> right. cookies and cookies,nd also a great time to check expiration dates to make sure that the items are still good. >> t



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