Orem Company Wins Worldwide Chocolate Awards

A Utah company has just won gold in what’s equivalent to the Olympics of making chocolate.
>> a utah company has one gold in what is the equivalent of olympics of making chocolate. >> a warehouse in orem comptetes with companies in other countries. >> amono won awears for every bar that they make at the academy of chocolate awards in london. >> i thought thatthere is a whole other level in flavor that we can achieve. and that is what i sought out and i sought out to do and apparently that is what we have managed to pull off. >> he started as a byu student on a quest for better chocolate. that led him on a ten-year journey to find the rarest cocoa beans. >> we have to be sure that something is perfect before we process them. for better or worse i am on the project until i have a solution. but part of the secret was in his own backyard. utah’s high altitude and dry climate. >> he admits when faced with a problem he jumps in 100 percent. >>



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