Opera & Wine Lover’s Dinner

Opera & Wine Lover’s Dinner to benefit Yale-New Haven Hospital Auxiliary.
community by simply spending the night with food, wine and music. please welcome diana and professional chef anna. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you for having us. >> i see you’ve already poured the pasta in there.te >> it ca me about becauseo my husband and isb attended a dinner hosted by francine who wrote the opera lover’s cookbo ok and ki thought new haven would be the perfect place to ave an opera and wine lovers dinner and we decided thacit would be the fund raising function for the year. >>ea the recipe today is from the cookbook and also one of the entrees for the evenng. >> yes. >> what are we making? >> there is a wonderful connection. >> these are figs. >> these aree the figs you’reu putting in. >> white wine, lots of butter. this is a calleryy dinner. shallots, wine and the figs.h >> and the wine is coming from where for the evening? >> tuscany, they’re donating



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