One Recipe, Three Cookies

One recipe, three cookies
be high in fat. >>> homemade trees are a wonderful holiday — homemade treats are a wonderful holiday tradition. we have one recipe that can be used three different ways. >> baking is in seth grenburg’s blood. as a child, he remembers afternoons in his father’s new york city bakery. >> i used to stop there on my way home, starting with elementary school. the bakers were very tolerant. they would let me help. i would go back and scale off ingredients for them, run the mixers. >> now seth is baking up his own goodies from his bakery in westchester county, new york. he came to bettertv.com to give me a lesson in baking. first the dough. >> it’s just a few simple ingredients. i love that. >> it is six ingredients, and that’s all it really neds. most really good baking, simpler is better. >> we start with the butter and sugar. >> and then you’re going to let that cream. everybody asks, wel, h



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