One Million Cups – Edgewood Creamery – 8/15/17

One Million Cups – Edgewood Creamery – 8/15/17
[?] >> jeremy: you know we always look forward to our 1 million cups business spotlight. i feel like you’re backup dancers now. [laughter] >> kelly: here is our front person here. >> jeremy: we’d like to introduce you to melissa fletcher from the edgewood creamery. welcome to the show! >> guest: thank you for having me. >> jeremy: you had me at cheese and milk. and not curdled milk. >> guest: i hope not, no. >> jeremy: tell us about edgewood creamery. >> guest: edgewood creamery is a family owned and operated business. we have a dairy farm in purty. so anyway, we are — we’re located there. in 2015, we built the creamery, opened the doors. in fact, in august of 2015. so the creamery is two years old now, fairly new. we have a grass-fed dairy system! so it’s very high quality milk. we’re very proud of the milk that we produce there. so we needed to generate more income. our children were



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