One-Hour Corned Beef And Cabbage With Guinness & Soda Bread

Recipe by Chef Ben Lierman, of The Chef’s Academy
>> welcome back to “indy style” and we’re thrilled to have chef ben here from clark appliances to break in the kitchen by design center here. >> good to see you as well. >> an appropriate day, st. patrick’s day. it’s not just about the libations. >> we’ve tried to incorporate as many of them into possible into our meal here so we can have a surprise at the end. i think we’ll get started with the irish soda bread. the fun part about this is, it is the easiest thing in the world. >> that’s why i’m going to help make it. it’s easy. >> we mix it up in a muffin. you add all of the dry ingredients together. we have all purpose flour, simple stuff. to that we’ll add salt and sugar which i have premeasured for your convenience. >> about how much? >> about a teaspoon of each. just to set the flavor off a little bit. then we have a teaspoon here of baking soda. that’s actually going to provide the



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