Olive Oil Poached Salmon

We’re cooking Olive Oil Poached Salmon in the kitchen with Chef Rob Pirnie from Twist on Angell.
>> thanks so much, mel. >> this morning in the kitchen, we’re heading over to danielle. >> i a so lucky, guy with myy left, guy to my right. this morning we’re cooking with chef an angel. we’re emaking poached salmon with olive oil. sounds wonderful. let’s talk a little bit about the ingredients we have here.e >> so basically, thisal right r here is our oliveve oil, we’re infusing it with thyme, rosemary, garlic, lemon grass inside and put a nice beautiful piece of farm raised atlantic salmon, pooch that, and that will go over an tail — an italian puttanesca. >> i haven’t been to sister on angel, but i’ve been to y our other restaurant at the a warwick mall. >> we have total seven restaurants in the group.he >> del me about some of the other ones. >> we have twist in warwick. >> post office cafe, grill on main,. >> take your pick. pretty muchet anywhere in the providence area. we have o



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