Old World Minestrone Soup

We’re cooking Old World Minestrone Soup in the kitchen with Chef John Granata from Camille’s Restaurant.
check it out. for now, i’m going to send it on over to patrick who is i n the kitche n. how’s it going,g, pat? >> hey, look, you’re on tv. >> joe zito, john granata here. what is this bread you ha tve ovebrr there? it looks likeoo aik post possom. >> just a little bread. that’s why i look the way i look. >> breakfast of o champions. we have the old world minestrone soup.. what we did was simmered some pork hocks, you could use a ham bone if you i had something like that or the patrick little method whichme has two ingredients, this an oedne of these, but we prefer to use this. >> what el>>se? >> anyway — >> you’re going to get to talk t in the next segment. eg >> onions and celery, cabbage, a key in the in minestrone. we have green g beans, red kidney beans and small whitell beans. >> you’ll need that. >> what do you have a can opener? >> because that’s house you make minestrone. ne >>



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