Old Dave’s Patty Melt

Old Dave’s Patty Melt
? i’ll stop the world and melt with you? ism welcome into if kitchen. we have crystal and live from panhandler’s caf?. it’s one of my favorite days. we’re celebrating a cheeseburger. we’re going to do their take on their cheeseburger. if you haven’t been, there we you’ll love the patty melt, that’s what we’ve make today. you went in with a little bit of butter. butter makes it better. >> a little butter, unsalted butter or oil. i just happened to have some butter right here. >> that will dim as your cooking…ism the metal, it creates pitting. >> i didn’t notice. >> when you’re on your flat top grill or your metal pan, the salt in the butter, you can still season that. system people flip too much. you leave it set until at what point do you know it’s time to flip? >> i was always concerned about that. but then i read that they had proven there’s really no difference? >> no difference. >>



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