Oktoberfest With Chef Martin

Weiner Schnitzel RecipenChef Martin on the Morning Blendn2 lb Pork Loin thinly cutnBreading: flour, egg, and bread crumbsnPan sear until golden yellow
We are getting a taste of munich this morning. It is time for oktoberfest and no one know how to celebrate better than our good friend and family favorite, chef martin. Good morning.nnGood morning.nnSo are you ready for oktoberfest?nnI’m ready. I’m dressed and ready. Big signs for oktoberfest.nnThese are actually from — you have ben to oktoberfest.nnI wasn’t to oktoberfest last year and i brought me some from the beer tent. One liter only.nnSo what makes a good oktoberfest? What are the esentials that have you to have?nnGood music, good food, beer and the right people.nnThe right people.nnOkay. We think you are the right person to help our oktoberfest this morning what. Are we cooking this morning?nnDoing a weiner schnitzel, like pork.nnOkay.nnHammer out a little bit. Then we bread it with flour, egg.nnBy the way, last time you were here i think we staed a little fire so the firemen hav



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