Oktoberfest! Wiener Schnitzel

We’re at RI Kitchen at Bath cooking up some Wiener Schnitzel to celebrate Oktoberfest!
in rhode island kitchen and bath kitchen where shawn isn honoring octoberfengst. >> we’re taking cooking on the road today and our kitchen is fantastic, but it’s not big enough to hold the party we have here. octoberfest has taken over and rhode island kitchen and bath isis serving up a huge place for us to do it here. joe is here , we’re about to make the best named dish ever, weiner schnitzel. i’ve heard about it but i’ve never seen it. >> the ingredients we’ll he go through first and foremost, we have a veal cutlet, which we’rere going to go through ath basicic breading procedure on. the system on this iss quite easy, even for home use. go to a decent butcheren shop, buy a veal cutlet, bring itng home, e, use the flat of the hammer on a board. be careful of your counters oofr come back to the shopop and buy new ones. i thought i would throw thatat one in. basically, you’re going to go



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