Oh My Ganoche Cake

Sugar Daisy Bakery’s delicious chocolate cake with chocolate ganoche!
. >> if ire a chocolate lover, you will have to try this cake. marni is here from sugar daisy bakery. i love this combination today, marti and marni until the kitchen. this is great for people to make at home or stop by your store to get for the holidays. what do we do? >> i will start with the gnache so it can cool slightly. heat your cream on the stove until a light simmer. >> i have a question for you about gnache, is it a frosting. >> it is made with milk chocolate and heavy cheap. you can use it as a glaze or whip it. it’s kind of frosting, filling, multipurpose. >> we’ll eat it and love it either way. okay. >> so we’re going to — we heated one cup of heavy cream. we will pour that over our chocolate chips. you can use semi sweet or milk chocolate. whatever your preference is. we will just kind of let that sit and soak in for a second. >> i have a question for you. you didn’t put i



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