Ocean View Fishing Pier Restaurant

Ocean View Fishing Pier Restaurant
and our facebook fan page. >> over to the kitchen. terry is hard at work. there is a restaurant right there on the pier. and you are making one of your specialities. >> i am making a blackened tuna salad and bacon-wrapped shrimp — bacon-wrapped scallops. >> for folks at home, you may want to jot this down. what are you going to put in the salad? ” we start with fresh lettuce, diced tomatoes, cumbers, and it ch cheese. and the tuna. first we cannot cut up some decibels — first we cut up some decvegetables. you can start by cutting up some lettuce. >> ok. that knife right here. thank you very much. do you want me to chop it fairly small? >> yes. >> i am a speiller. are you nervous about the cookime cooking? i can carry a conversation. where is this going? >> in that bowl. >> some pieces are small. tell me more about the restaurant on the pier. >> we have a restaurant, two bars, and a? a



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