Obama To Sample Local BBQ While In KC

Obama to sample local BBQ while in KC
(christa)today – the president of the united states is coming to the metro.. (jay)he’s touring a local business but won’t leave town without some local chow. lindsay shively is live in the northland with the details.(lindsay)3 he will land at kci this morning. can 3 you imagine cleaning house for the president? the people here at smith electric have been very busy preparing for his visit.president barack obama will tour the plant this afternoon. the company manufactures all electric delivery trucks. earlier this year they received a 32 million dollar grant from the u-s department of energy. he’s also not leaving town without some grub – and course that means barbeque..but where? he’s getting a local favorite- oklahoma joe’s. they say they have fed obama twice during the campaign already so they know somebody likes their food – and they hope its the president. but the always busy restaura



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