NY Strip Steak, Lodge Butter, And Fries

Today we’re cooking Kain’s Cast Iron NY Strip Steak with Lodge Butter and Axe Cut Fries with Bugaboo Creek Steak House.
pretty cool. exercise on vacation. we will head over to kitchen.tc patrick what you got going on? here with phillip butler. there you go,u thanks phillip. >> and in addition to being tall he’s also a very good. talk about what you have here e today i seey steak a lot of butter an d potatoes.to what are youyo firingir up herere today? i’ve got greati’ dishes hevery, you know, but also something that you know the weather iwesr changing, something togi go go g camping with i will show you one of our signature dishes, new york trip, axe cut fries.ri great compound butter and there he we see some ingredientsed for today’s dishdi look simple for guy like me that mis notis n very savvy in >> about time marinating simplate products simplepl ingredients that t come through when you cook them. that right there is one big stick ofk butter. all right. phillip butler, here with us this morning on the



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