Nuts About Nuts

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were going to start making kettle corn, my wife and i, so we started making kettle corn, and two years later added the cinnamon roasted almonds. notice we basically travel to festivals, doing kettle corn and cinnamon nuts, plus we do the timber baseball games, and wednesday farmer’s market on broadway, plus we’re here yeernd. yeernd. ? ? >> what we’re going to make right now are cinamon roasted almonds. we need two and a half pounds of raw almonds. approximately. there we go. close enough. what i have to do now is put a cup of water in the roaster. we’re going to put ome sugar in there. three cups of sugar. and a scoop of cinnamon. and we’ll do some vanilla. we’ll turn that on, put the heat on. then we’ll pour the almonds in there. that will take about 20 minutes to cook. nuts, we ofer the cinnamon roasted almonds, cashews, pecans, we offer salted almonds, cashews, chocolate-covered. the



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