Nutrition For Athletes

Making the proper nutrition choices will help you perform better on the athletic field. Find out which foods make healthy snacks, and will also help you perform your best.
if you’re child is invovled in sports ..it’s especially important for parents to stear them in the right direction when it comes to snackng…. our next guest is going to show us some healthy choices that pack a nutrional punch and will give your athlete the extra energy they need.. katie jeffrey-lunn is a registered dietitian with a master’s degree in nutritional sciences….andthe owner of ne fit-nutrition where she offers nutrition counseling…to both children and adults… welcome3 utrient rich carbohydrates are important for our health…but especially athletes right?what do they provide?ro3 what are the best sources of carbohydrates?hywhat are the benefits of carbohydratite snacking prior to exercise? 3 what are some of f the best sources of protein for the best sources what are some of exercise? 3 what are some of the best th sosturces of protein for orathletes…what are the ben



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