Nutrition Advice / Regina Ragone, MS, R.D.

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Nutrition advice is everywhere but many of us say we just don’t understand and most need practical advice to eat right. We got it. From registered dietician and food director of family circle magazine, regina ragone. Good morning, regina.nnGood morning, how are you?nnHey, i’m good here. Looking at some good-looking food right there in front of you. What is that?nnOkay. Well, did you eat breakfast yet?nnI did, but i saved room. I knew were you coming to the monk blend. I have a little extra room for whatever you’ve got for me.nnWe have a great breakfast brownie here. A lot of people on the run in the morning and they don’t get a chance to eat. We have a nice little indulgence here an oat breakfast brownie. It has oatmeal in it and walnuts and coa which is a good source of anti-oxidant and something you can take and go on the run with. While we have all these foods out here to show at this



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