Nutmeg State Nutrition

Losing weight doesn’t need to cost a ton of money. Nutmeg State Nutrition can help you control you weight, and teach you to eat right.
>> well, having lost weight successfully, our next guest started an affordable diet plan and first, offered it to their friends. since, they have grown their nutmeg state nutrition business and we have them both here today, welcome jim and christine montana. we are glad you are here today. i want to talk with you, we’re making something really tastey, and you are going to get us started in a bit on a vegetarian salad? >> yes. >> iike that, so we’ll let you get started on that, and in the meantime, jim, we want to chat with you. you didn’t get into this business thinking this is what u wanted to do, but you are passionate about it. how did you get into this? >> i was a client of a weight loss center and lost 85 pounds in 18 weeks, and it was a very exensive proposition, and in talking to other clients and patients, everybody complained about the same thing. was the cost was to highnd in t



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