Nutella Bread Pudding Recipe & Hot Coco

New Haven Foodie Stephen Fries shares sweet recipes.
? >> some of the best valentine’s day are the ones made with love. steve is back with reciippeess to win over your valentine’s hearrtt.. >> ssiimmple the chocolate hazelnut spread,, aannd if you take the coconut milk, and the natellaa,, and and put it over here. and jocelyynn i sliced those day-oldcrassaunt. i’m going to take a coup of heavy cream. the recipe calls for two, but i didn’t think the size of the egg was large enough. and you take a haallff of cup of sugar, quarter teaspoon of salt, and — everybody is always impressed that make my own vanniillllaa eexxttrraacctt.. >> i’m really looaaddiinngg up this with natttteellllaa. i love, natella. >> do you? >> uh-huh. >> is it true that if you ffeed this to someone they fall in love with youu?? >> yes, they do. >> when jocelyn is finiisshheedd making those sanddwwiicches — >> i better hurry up. >> i>> ica cnan help youu iiff you woul



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