Nu Sanctuary Lounge

NU Sanctuary Lounge brings imaginative dining and nightlife to Las Vegas. Symbolizing a new beginning, check out the innovative menu and entertainment NU Sanctuary has to offer.
he has a new tv show called “mr. sunshine,” which is doing really w first here on the “the morning blend” experience something new at town square as you sitnder a tree that creates an ambience that you’ve never seen. they have great specials and an incredible happy hour that you can’t miss. >> joseph cisros joins us with more, good morning, and welcome. >> good morning, how are you? >> what is the concept of new sanctuary? >> late-night summer, thought about having a change of mind about what people think of a hookah bar, what better than a surreal garden of eden, tree of life, and l.e.d. lights splitting it between heaven and hell and a little secret vip room that we call the new supper that represents michelangelo’s last supper. >> when you walk in, do you have a chance of sitting in the heaven or hell section? >> talk about this tree. i mean, it’s the buzz around town. it’s awesome. >



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