NSTY- Chef Jim Roberts

Chef Jim Roberts cooks an elk stew and promotes Carley Elk Farms.
are having some venison stew on the show this morning much i love it! >> yeah. of course, we are coming overlayer on to give us an update on the weather. >> we’ll be over there. >> a lot there, buddy. >> it is stew, weather. >> my gosh. is it ever. 46 this morning much rainy. >> yeah, you know, a lot. we had spoils. a couple of weeks. >> i know. i was hoping it will continue. i though. >> great recipe. and we have a great chef. i love it. we are so sweet. it is wednesday. which means, nothing is — >> the buzz. >> i got you sideline reporting. >> did you? >> last week. >> friday. >> yes. we got a couple good stories about that. nice and cold out there. we have a nice story about carmel als, the father that they are screening a movie and everything. >> cool. >> talking to the coaches? >> yes. >> that is not easy. coaches don’t really want to tell the story. >> my first game, one coach tha



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