Norsk Hostfest Lefse Making

Norsk Hostfest Lefse Making
kicks off tomorrow. (alysia huck, kx news) the norsk hostfest is the biggest scandinavian festival in north america. (tim olson, kx news) and it looks like the festivities have already begun – happening now… becky farr is live in minot at marketplace foods where she kicked off hostfest week by making lefse, hi becky. (becky farr, kx news) one of the many scandinavian foods you can find at the norsk hostfest is lefse. there was a lefse-making competition here at marketplace yesterday. each competitor came with their own home-made dough – i learned that it’s made from boiled potatoes that you then double-rice, flour, heavy cream, butter and salt. i’m a rookie, so i didn’t compete – but i was able to make some for my very first time. (loretta haase/lefse maker) “the first thing with lefse is, never too much flour.” using a lot of flour to prevent it from sticking, haase taught me to shape



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