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recipe for penne rosa from noodles.
caled the penne rosa. this dish is great, shows the variety and global flavors that we have, the first dish in our asian category. this is our mediterranean. we’re going to start with some mushrooms, and tomatoes. let those get a nice little sear on them there. then i’m going to add our spicy marinara to that. and tos that in the pan. add some penne. pasta. give that a nice little toss. and then i’m going to deglaze the pan with some white wine. what the wine does is it helps take all the flavors from the mushrooms and the tomatoes when they get carmelized with the sauce, and brings that back into the pasta. once that reduces a little bit, give that a quick toss. i’m going to add some fresh cream to that. that’s going to balance out the flavors of the spicy marinara. let that saute just for one second there. i’m going to grab another bowl. let that cream reduce just until it sticks to th



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