Nonprofit Aims To Increase Local Food Production

2/14/11-Transition Colorado says there are benefits to locally produced food.
have you ever stopped to think who’s making the food you buy? 7news has learned only five percent of food purchased in colorado… was actually producedn our state. 7news reporter doug schepman found… a local non-profit is now working to change that. “in colorado we are spending about $10 billion a year on food but 97% of that is going outside the state.” when boulder non-profit, “transition colorado” learned that nearly all of the food in our shopping carts is produced out-of-state, it decided to study the impact of growing and buying locally “much of the agricultural product in colorado is made for export and we don’t think about feeding our own people.” the non-profit has hired author and economist, michael shuman to study the benefits of localizing food production along the front range, his recent study in north- eastern ohio found that a 25- percent increase in local food producti



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