Non-alcoholic Drinks

Non-alcoholic summer drinks
with water or so disa. check out these sophisticated recipes from the liquid news. creative, colorful cocktails can make your party sparkle but what if some of your guests choose not to imbibe. >> someone will get handed a glass of soda, iced tea. they get relegated to almost being at the little kids’ taitle. >> natalie has the answer using alcohol removed wines by free. >> you actualy can pop a work or open a — a cork or open a wine bottle. it happens to not have alcohol in it. waded to david burke and donatella to have natalie mix us up a few alcohol free cocktails. >> the first is very easy and it’s very pretty. it’s called the sparkling summer sangria. i’m using seasonal fruit. this is lovely diced kiwi. now i’m going to use a little bit of freshly picked chopped strawberries. about a tablespoon of nice, fresh chopped peaches. >> fill the glass with ice, add sparkling alcohol remove



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