Noisy SunChips Bag

Frito-Lay to change SunChips bag after noise complaints
they may be more environmentally friendly– but frito lay is pulling its biodegradable sun chips bag off the shelves. the company says it has been getting complaints from customers about the bags making too much noise. frito lay says it will go back to the old bags until they come up with a quieter eco-friendly version. we first brought you this story around 5:55 this morning and posted it in our facebook page asking is the bag annoying? since then we’ve received more than 40 comments. sue says, “yes! in fact when i pack my lunch i have to go into the pantry and shut the door so i don’t wake up the rest of the house. but i love em. linda says, “i love the bags and the chips! i can’t help but touch the bags every time i go near them at the store! they are soooo much fun! i guess it’s all in how you view things. i choose positive!” and sandy writes, “silly to give up a bag because it’s



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