No Time To Cook?

Chef Kirk Leins from NoTimeToCook.com is on a mission to teach parents and kids how to eat quick, easy, and healthy!
>> and over nine million kids are overweight and have you a 5-year-old at home? >>y i do. a 5-year-old named rocco. >> i didn’t know you were going to start it but that sounds funky. what can you do — >> yes, rocky. >> what can you do and convenience, foods time is important? >> well first off, mary for me, it is buying the freshest ingredients that are located around the store the dairy, meat case, fresh fruits and vegetables things like nuts, dried fruits are all good but they just need your diligence in picking labels. >> okay. you are saying that fresh food is as quick as some of the convenience foods? >> absolutely. processed foods have enhanced our lives and many?รง are enhanced for flavoring and very little knew trick. we’ve created this flavor of addax. i think that we reeducate them. i don’t think there is a better condiment besides mustard. it adds a zing and there is nothing



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