No Shopping For A Year

no shopping for a year
time with each other. twelve months later, their new lifestyle reveals the virtues of not spending. fox’s bob buckley has more. the kurtz family was living the american dream . healthy, adorable kids . a great home … and everything they could want, in it. then, mom had an idea. d. please pas the ketchup, oh, by the way, i’ve decided we won’t be shopping for the next year.” no, no you heard right. no shopping for a year. dad didn’t lose his job, he’s immediately tell that jon thought this was another one of my schemes.” j. kurtz says: “i thought it was just a fleeting idea, maybe a reaction to december. not a reaction to just the december saturday afternoons were focused on running around shopping, be- boping from one place to another and i felt it was taking away from our family time and i knew that wasn’t the way i wanted baby dolls .. tok a little more convincing. d. kurtz says: “avi



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