No More B.Y.O.B. At Jazz In The Park

A big change tonight for one of Milwaukee’s favorite summer time traditions. No more B.Y.O.B. at jazz in the parks.
to any other department. >> the democratic leadership accuses holland of playing politics. >>> a big change tonight for one of milwaukee’s favorite summer time traditions. no more byob at jazz in the parks. were they playing by the rules. >> they were or at least doing a good job at hiding it. the music was still free and the park was packed. for the third year in a row they toasted opening night at jazz in the park this. time they bought the wine here. >> it was easier than i thought it was. >> some byob lovers fought back. the stickers were everywhere urging a ban on the ban on carry in. >> are you following the rules? >> we are but we’re not hapy about it. >> she brought a botle at the park. >> but i’m going to fil it with chardonnay. >> people kind of give you the look and they say okay. and for the most part everything has been smooth so, far. >> he even won this group over. >> we r



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