No Mayo Spinach Dip & Low-Fat Egg Nog

We’re cooking No Mayo Spinach Dip, Low-fat Egg Nog and ‘More than Salad’ in the kitchen with Melissa Rector of Gold’s Gym East Greenwich and Pawtucket.
>> tha nks very much, courtney. let’s head into the kitchen hover to patrick. >> >> melissa rechterer from gold’s go gym joing us from the morning in the kitchen. you’re not going to make me do pushups or weights today, are you? >> no. >> it is a healthy alternative ti to the holiday party snacks thatar i like to indulge in at those holiday parties, so it’s a no mayo spinach dip, more than salad and low fat pumpkin t ry ffle. >> very simply, i’m clearly not a chef, i just cook at home and i bring desserts and this iser actual ly one of the first desserts to go at any ofts my parties that we go to. the salad, we’ve got some pecan glazed nuts, this is spinach dip. we have just chopped spinach, low fa t sour crloeam and a package of your good seasoning italian dressing. whip it together in a bowel. — in a bowl. >> more thanan salad. we have a spring mix, chopped onionson, pecan glaze,. >>



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