NM Firey Foods Show

NM Firey Foods show
not just over the food… but also – the price to get in. news 13’s alex tomlin is live at the show with how the five-dollar jump in ticket prices from last year has affected the crowds. alex. tim, we saw some shocked faces at the entrance when they found out tickets are 15 dollars for an adult, but it didn’t seem to turn to many away. in fact some told us they had planned to pay more and saved just to come to this show. event officials say they have seen very few people turn away when they found out the cost. 2:08 how much money do you think you spent today? “about $60. i had to save for it though.”2:15 1:32 “i would have paid 5-7 bucks a person i think is fine.” 1:35 1:02 “they want you to purchase stuff inside and spend money inside and you spending most of it to get in”. 1:07 3:19 “i even raised the admission to try to avoid overcrowding and they are still coming in, so i say what re



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