Ninfa’s Mexican Kitchen Opens In The West Valley Pt3

This Houston landmark is branching out with a new location in Glendale
recipes, and have lots of fun. we want to say thank you to — to the chef. the guy. >> i thought it is no fun to eat by myself, so i have to bring someone in here to help me. what have we done on the salmon dish? >> we have seared it off with a rub, finished cooking it in the oven, and then you have the crust on your fish, and we put in roasted grape tomatoes, and potatoes, and the chola sauce is ready to go. there is a shrimp sauce, clam juice, roasted vegetables, chipotle, roasted peppers, and a — and the salmon. we have talked about the flavors, this is not the regular greasy mexican restaurant. >> i want to get to the tacos, but that is what i love. these are the caramelized onions and pork. and we are going to put it on the hand rolled tor till yasty — tortillas. this is the pow — now ur — floured and this is the corn. you have to — have a couple of ladies that roll these all d



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