Ninfa’s Mexican Kitchen Opens In The West Valley Pt2

This Houston landmark is branching out with a new location in Glendale
>> great job. >> you don’t skateboard do you? >> not regularly. >> no, [ laughter ] >> we are here with the chef at the mexican restaurant. you are going to see how it is put together. if you are from texas, you are going to be familiar with this restaurant. this is where it came from, the delicious, tex-mex meals, all of the spices, the lovelies of the spanish latin american dishes. and we have chef greg that is already at work. you are going to come in here and work right away. >> (distorted audio) >> what is in here? >> what we are working on today is all stuffed porked tacos, and it’s pork that has been marinated in a double marinade. and it is combined with herrable — herbs, spices, and marinaded juices. >> i can tell the flavors are going to flowing through your mouth. you stated something like chilie’s and all of that, >> you are not going to believe how good it is. >> you also t



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