Ninfa’s Mexican Kitchen Opens In The West Valley Pt1

This Houston landmark is branching out with a new location in Glendale
you for making this part of your day. let me tell you how excited i am to start today’s show off. i am going to tell you ability a restaurant we are aturing. it has been around for years. well, since i am a texas girl at heart, you can find it here in the valley, it’s a mexican kitchen, making it’s way to glendale. >> it certainly has. it’s part of arizona. >> it certainly is. we were totally embraced by the community. we had people driving by, or stop and say, oh my god, it’s nemphis, i’s unbelievable. i think we need to make a distinction and why people should care about this particular place. i whole heretod hi love your stuff. it’s different in other — than other mexican rest rapts, and — restaurants and in what regard? there is a lot of love that goes in to the food. the way that the recipes were created, the way it was prepared in the kidnap — kitchen, and it’s where when you wa



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