Nimbus Brewing Company And Bistro

Local brewer of world class craft brewed beers and bistros.
get impression around tucson. >> you may not know the history behind the brewery. here to give us a little background is jim. welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> thanks for being here. >> why a brewery in tucson? >> it started out because of the water, the natural water of tucs tucson, is high in mineral. when you drill for water, it makes terrific ales. that’s what we brew right now is ales. you want a high mineral content in the water to produce a good a ale. and tucson water is in the top 5% of water in all the country in larger municipalities. >> a fun little factoid. >> tell us a little history behind the brewery and how you got started. >> it started in 1996 when we opened the doors. the equipment was put in ’95, but we opened in ’96. and we started out very, very small, a lot of people used to have sold salvation army in there. people used to knock on the back door saying i smel



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