Nice Trip On One Tank

Heading to the ballpark, lake or even the office…there’s one thing many people make sure they grab…a snack. One of the most popular seems to be sunflower seeds. But now days there are so many flavors and brands how do you pick the best ones? In this weeks Journey on a tank of gas, Brad Feldman takes us to a small business spitting out the popular summer snack. (Sound – car) Mound City, South Dakota is a small community along Highway 83 South. (Sound – car) But just off the highway is a business ready to crack. (Sound – seeds) (Wayne VanderLaan/ Wild Dutchman Seeds) We want to make the best seed we can. But for the Wild Dutchman… he and his son fell into this business by accident. (Tobey VanderLaan/ Wild Dutchman Seeds) We were hauling cars from Minneapolis and we were eating seeds to stay awake. Whether it was just exhaustion or the bad taste of the seeds…these two entrepreneurs had an idea…start making their own seeds. To get started, they grabbed five – five gallon buckets of sunflower seeds. (Wayne VanderLaan/ Wild Dutchman Seeds) We tried about three or four different recipes and I numbered them and handed them out and everybody kind of picked the one I like. (Sound – pushing seeds towards camera) It’s a special formula.. Not only because these seeds are made with salt and sugar. (Tobey VanderLaan/ Wild Dutchman Seeds) Kind of takes the bite off the salt too. The five hundred pounds of Wild Dutchman Sunflower Seeds made each week are roasted. (Sound – roasting) (Sound- shaking machine) Cleaned… (Sound – scooping) Baged… (Sound – bag) and then boxed at the Wild Dutchman Seed Company by three generations. In Mound City, South Dakota Brad Feldman KX News If you’d like to try these seeds, they’re carried at several gas stations in Bismarck-Mandan. You can also call 877-955-3310. Wild Dutchman Seed Company also offers tours of the plant.



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