Nica’s Market Visits CT Style

Nica’s Market’s personal attention keeps customers coming back.
>> nica’s market is known for its gourmet foods, delicious take out, fresh produce and al fresco dining but it is the personal attention that keeps customers coming back. it is a fan favorite and we’re lucky enough to have them with us today. welcome back. we love when you here. >> thank y, it is a pleasure to be here again. >> one reason people love them so much, you brought this. eggplant, it wasn’t on the menu here today, just for our crew because by request. >> by request. >> you got up early to make this for them. which is great. nica’s market is a family-run business in new haven. you’ve been in business how long? >> seven years. it is husband and wife and your children work there, as well. >> it is al family. >> and mainly is it catering, produce type foods? >> specialty foods, produce, cheeses, deli, sandwich, anytng you want. >> gourmet items from your hometown in italy too that



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