Nica’s Market

Nica’s Market prepares Osso Buco.
treated like relativest and behind it al, they’re here with us. nice to see you. >> nice to be here again. >> it is ifantastic to ha ve you here. you have great food here, we will make one m wonderful dish and talk about plentyut more. so let’s start with what we’re going to make. >> we’ll make veal asabuco. start with a spoon of olivoe oil. >> good, traditional italian. >> salt andt pepper. >> it makes it different. >> a listen seasoning there. and then just rightus in the hot oil. >> you want to brown it. brown on one side, then turn it t over on the ot oher side and you brown it on theow other side. >> you’re not cooking it all thet way true here. >> no, just color. >> color. so when you cook your meat, you want kind of cinolor on both sides. >> it brings out the flavor, right? >> not only the flavor but the beauty. >> you eat with your eyes. >> right moo gotgo to lookok good.go >> sh



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