Nibble For NAP

Jordan from the Nebraska AIDS Project talks about restaurants in Omaha that are participating in an event that donate a portion of their sales to the organization. And Mac from Taxi’s restaurant cooks up some food!
>> nibble for nap. it is a big fundraiser coming up a week from today. and we welcome jordan denmundo and matt from taxi’s grill. can you us what we are nibbling on? >> i will have some lumps for our crabcake lump salad and spring salad with strawberries i thought it was something for lighter. >> was given specific instructions that i was allergic to the crabcakes so she could eat them and i cannot tell a lie. i am in the allergic to them just so you know.?รง let’s get started on this. can you tell us a little bit about nebraska aids project? >> sure. it’s been around serving the state southwestern iowa and parts of wyoming. we serve people living with or affected by hiv and try to do what they can and help them with medication, housing, anything we can do to help them out. nibble for nap is what can you do to help us. >> have you been doing this for years. where do the proceeds go to? >



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