Newsline – Car Crashes In Restaurant 11-29-10

Top 8 Picks in Newsline
q: did wikileaks approach this release differently? a: this new release is being staged, each cable that published has been reviewed and redacted. and that will continue for future releases. let’s take a look now at our top 8 picks. number one… an explosion at a home in chicago completely leveled the house. debris and shards of glass and wood litter the entire block. firefighters arrived to find no flames but a strong smell of gas. they think the explosion basically blew itself out. a man in his 30s was the only person inside the house at the time of the blast and suffered burns and other serious injuries. number two… corvallis, oregon muslims were shocked and saddened when they heard about the arson fire set at their mosque. authorities suspect the fire may have been in retaliation for an alleged terror plot since the man accused of the plot worshipped at that mosque. “retaliation,



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