Newport Mansions Wine & Food Festival

Save the dates for a remarkable three-day food and wine experience. Presented by Food & Wine, this spectacular event will feature more than 400 wines from around the world and cooking demonstrations by celebrity chefs Jacques P├ępin, Joanne Weir, David Burke and more culinary experts.
as we mentionedti earlier,rl shawn is outsh live this morning ni at the newport nrt mansions wine and food festival. what a gig. .>> let’s check with him nowh for a preview of the event. shawn? >> it’s i all about bribery, vince and lily. we’re here at the newportpo mansions wine and food festival. it’s getting windy here, bathorse the winds ofin change, because if you’re living hungry or not feeling like you havee the right liquids, this is the place p to be. rudy koch is the executive director of the c.die.o. society. this is the fourthth annual, you’ve got to tell t me about it. >> this is a great weekend, tonight we’re going to beto honoring the greriatest chef in the world and tomorrow and sunday, wine tasting right here at marble house on the lawn. n.i don’t think there could be ae better location, overlook the atlantic great house. >> the view today wasto amazing with the sun comi



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