Newflower Farmers Market

New Flower MarketnAustin Location:n6920 Manchaca Rd.nBee Caves Location:n12700 Shops Pkwy.nwww.sfmarkets.com
)) (( )) 3 3 maya e. nahranewflower farmers market hrwe3 3 new flower marketaustin location:6920 manchaca rd.bee caves location:12700 shops pkwy.www.sfmarkets.coman4 yummy ways to use your greens!maya e. nahra, rdnewflower farmers market follow maya on twitter (twitter.com/mayatherd)mayas nutrition blog (sfmarkets.com/nutrition <;http://sfmarkets. com/nutrition/>;)nutrition tips about greens:dark n leafy greens are good sources o , 3 of vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay healthy, such as vitamins a, c, and k, folate, iron, research suggests that the nutrients green vegetables cancers, promote heart health, and healthy digestion. vegetables are also high in fat-soluble vitamins a, k, d, and e. as fat soluble vitamins they require fat in order for the body to absorb them. when you eat dark green vegetables, add fat! from salads to soups, you can add butter, olive, cheese or s



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