New Year’s Eve Preps

It’s one of the biggest party days – and has been for a long, long time: December 31st: celebrating the end of one year and the beginning of the next. So with so many people planning andamp;lt;a href=andamp;quot;http://www.kxnet.com/t/new-years-eveandamp;quot; class=andamp;quot;kxInlineLinkandamp;quot;andamp;gt;New Year’s Eveandamp;lt;/aandamp;gt; parties or going out how do local establishments prep for the big night to make sure they’re stocked up and ready for the influx? andamp;lt;a href=andamp;quot;http://www.kxnet.com/t/jason-torreanoandamp;quot; class=andamp;quot;kxInlineLinkandamp;quot;andamp;gt;Jason Torreanoandamp;lt;/aandamp;gt; found out. The party might be tomorrow – but the prep, that began a long time ago. andamp;quot;New Year’s Eve [we] probably started prepping for it four months ago,andamp;quot; said Buck’s GM and owner, Brad Erickson. andamp;quot;From making sure the band’s lined up to making sure you have enough staff for that night.andamp;quot; Chris Olson of Cash Wise Liquors says he began getting ready a while ago too. andamp;quot;We start preparing usually around September/October,andamp;quot; said Olson. From making sure the place looks spiffy… Brad Erickson/Buck’s GM and Owner: andamp;quot;Decorations that need to be ordered, champagne that need to be ordered, a lot of things happen leading up to that night.andamp;quot; To making sure everything is in stock. Chris Olson looks at what products he’s going to order in the fall and sits down with vendors to figure what’s hot -and what’s not. Olson: andamp;quot;There’s been a few new in the sparkling wines and stuff. Barefoot came out with a new sparkling White Zinfandel and a Pinot Grigo.andamp;quot; Olson says it takes time to get ready for the big day – but it’s worth it. Olson: andamp;quot;It’s slightly stressful, but it’s a lot of fun. You see a whole bunch of new faces that you don’t usually see during the year.andamp;quot; They’ll be plenty of faces at Buck’s tomorrow and staff say they’re all about the party, but they’re also all about making sure things don’t get out of hand. Brad Erickson/Buck’s GM and Owner: andamp;quot;We have people in the parking lot just parking cars. Extra security on the floor just to make sure everything’s fine.andamp;quot; And with Buck’s and Cash Wise, New Year’s means their business focuses on parties – and business that night is very, very good. Brad Erickson/Buck’s GM and Owner: andamp;quot;If the weather cooperates, it can be double or triple a weekend night in sales.andamp;quot; Chris Olson/Cash Wise Liquors: andamp;quot;New Year’s Eve is probably one of our top three days we have during the year for the holidays.andamp;quot; Having fun – but not hurting yourself, or hurting anyone else – that should be the theme of everyone’s 2008 good-bye bash says Brad Erickson. andamp;quot;At the end of the night, the DJs will announce that if you can’t, or aren’t able to drive home, ask a Buck’s employee to help you get a ride home,andamp;quot; Erickson said. andamp;quot;We’ll call a taxi for you. Whatever it takes.andamp;quot; Taxi 9000 says on New Year’s, every single cab will be in operation for about 36 hours.



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