New Year’s Eve Ideas From Wegmans

Chef Bob gives us some ideas on how to throw an easy NYE party with help from Wegmans!
and we’re talking about party platters with chef bob from wegmans. >> great to see you guys. >> nice to see you. >> nice spread here. >> it smells good. >> this is kind of simple. you can make it extravagant and it’s quite easy to do. >> i just brought some cocktail shrimp and the cocktail shrimp these happen to be cooked by me. but you can buy them in a bag already, they’re 14-20 shrimp. just tha work them out. you tasted one. >> it’s delicious. >> then just simple cocktail sauce. this is the classic thing to have at a party. >> is there any advantage to buying the shrimp raw as opposed to precooked? >> yes. costwise for one. and you can put your own kind of spin on how you want them to be cooked. you can either steam them or you can dip them in a bouillon. >> what’s that mean? >> like a stock. like a stock of lemons, pickling spice, things of that nature. >> is that what you recommend?



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