New Year’s Eve Food Traditions

New Year’s Eve food traditions
years day.. there are plenty of new year traditions.. that promise to bring you good luck in 20-11. newschannel 5’s rochelle ritchie set out to find out which ones work.. and which ones don’t. jon, these fun superstions have been around for decades and are still very relevant in today’s society. foods such as greens, grapes and black-eyed peas are all to be consumed on new years eve or day and some families are already digging in.<< eat all the greens you can jessie odell says he hasn’t stopped slaving over the stove since the holidays hit… and now he is preparing another hearty dinner, one many would call the first big dinner of the year… steaming greens, and boiling blackeyed peas are all being prepared for tomorrow. in hopes of putting more money in the bank.the old thing is the more colalrd greens you eat the more money your going to make in the new year…the more the blac



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